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Investing in Versatile Client Appointment Booking Software is a Must for Every Clinic

Investing in Versatile Client Appointment Booking Software is a Must for Every Clinic

Patient no-shows often cause clinics and medical practices to lose tons of money, and time. While the international average rate of no-shows is 23%, every clinic may have its own range, depending on the location and type of services offered. Missed appointments may happen due to a number of reasons, including family obligations, work emergencies, conflicting appointments, transportation issues, or simply because the client forgot.

Investing in a dedicated and cost-efficient client appointment booking software program such as My Client Schedule can be immensely helpful and beneficial for your business. Not only does it offer easy and customizable setup and streamlined transactions, its rich and varied features can help you do much more than book appointments and send reminders.

Top 3 Advantages of a Customizable Software Package

Dedicated CRM application software such as My Client Schedule offers many advantages for your clinic. Here are the top 3:

  • Easy Setup and Accessibility: Our platform and its functionalities align to the services and processes of your clinic. Whether you need to add an offering, allow multi-user same-slot bookings or create some other services for your clients, our highly configurable software gives you the power to “make the system work for you”, instead of “you working for the system”.
  • Streamlined Booking Process: Appointment management is like the lifeblood of every clinic. Switching from manual processes or substandard applications to our robust system with a customized user calendar will make the online appointment booking process highly efficient and help you improve your business revenues. Your staff can maintain tidier client records and get quick access to clients’ appointment, treatment, and payment histories. Your clients enjoy hassle-free appointment booking or modification facilities, along with secure online payment and e-receipt options.
  • Add-on Features and Intelligent Insights: Being a comprehensive online CRM package, My Client Schedule provides several add-on modules, such as accounts receivables, inventory status management, and product sales reports. Keep up with client balances, use auto-alerts for client engagement or promotional activities, and access all client data in one system as you plan your future business strategies.

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For reliable, configurable, and efficient client appointment booking software, explore My Client Schedule’s powerful online CRM application. Contact us today for more information.

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