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Online Appointment Scheduling Proves Valuable for Large Medical Clinics

Online Appointment Scheduling Proves Valuable for Large Medical Clinics

Using clinic appointment booking software can transform your medical practice in no time. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the medical landscape. Reports have shown that some medical clinics lost patients due to the pandemic as people stay away, even if they are unwell, while others are overworked.

 A CBC report from June 8, 2020, showed that 47% of Canadians used virtual care during the pandemic. This number is up from 4% prior to it. These shifts have undoubtedly impacted your clinic in some way, and this is where My Client Schedule can help. It’s a digital solution that makes the management of your practice seamless.

Keeping Your Practice Running Smoothly is as Easy as 1,2,3

with Clinic Appointment Booking Software 

Going digital helps you build or manage your clinic’s capacity. If your physicians or practitioners are overworked, you can offload the administrative work to My Client Schedule, freeing up time. If you’re trying to increase the clinic’s capacity, reducing your administration time allows you to focus on bringing in additional patients for the care they need.

1. Improve your patients’ experience:  As the use of virtual medical appointments has grown, it’s a perfect time to give patients the ability to do more online. Patients can book, cancel and change their appointments online. Simple filters allow them to find available times for different disciplines or specialities in your clinic. Not everyone likes to fill out forms while they’re in the office waiting for their appointment, especially if they’re already feeling nervous. With My Client Schedule, patients can either complete Intake Forms or Screening Forms online or in the office on a tablet. Partially completed forms are stored online so that they can finish them at a more convenient time as necessary.

2. Make better use of your valuable time: My Client Schedule has made clinic administration so much simpler. Paperwork is necessary but can be cumbersome. Here are just some of the ways it can help:

  • You can book appointments quickly and easily, in four simple steps!
  • If you can’t complete treatment or SOAP notes during a session, you can do them later, even from home. 
  • Treatment notes are fully customizable. 
  • Choose the days you work, available hours, schedule breaks and identify times for appointment bookings. 
  • Specify who can cover your patients when you schedule your vacation.

3. Reduce missed appointments: People forget or miss appointments. It’s unfortunate, especially when you could use that time to see another patient.  My Client Schedule helps reduce the chances of it happening. Automatically email or text reminders to patients leading up to hours before their appointment. They are far less likely to miss it this way! Alerts on the scheduling calendar keep everyone in the clinic informed about new appointments or any status changes.

Bonus Benefit

If you teach classes or workshops, or if you have been thinking about it, My Client Schedule makes it extremely easy! You can schedule them, keep track of attendees, manage advanced payments and much more.

My Client Schedule Testimonial

Dr. Leslie Trotter, chiropractor, says that “as a multidisciplinary clinic, we are home to 12 practitioners with five different professions, so to say the least, the needs are vast. I am pleased that we decided on My Client Schedule because their staff is very helpful and responsive to our requests. I highly doubt we could get this kind of attention with some of the more’ bells and whistles’ companies that try to manage with out-of-province staff.”


Contact My Client Schedule to discover more benefits of using clinic appointment booking software for your practice.

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