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Announcing COVID-19 Integrated Screening – Learn More

My Client Schedule Integrates Screening and Sanitation Checklists for COVID-19

My Client Schedule Integrates Screening and Sanitation Checklists for COVID-19

My Client Schedule is pleased to announce the release of several features to help our clients meet COVID-19 regulations and assure their clients of the clinic’s adherence to health and safety measures.

Screening Clients

Regulations require that clients be screened for COVID-19 before every appointment. My Client Schedule provides for the creation of a Screening Form with up to 15 customized questions and an acknowledgment. The link to the form can be sent to clients via text or email with their appointment confirmation or reminder. The client clicks on the link, completes the form, and submits it to be saved. The Screening Form can also be called up in clinic so that the form can be completed before the appointment if the client has not already done so.

The My Client Schedule implementation makes it easy for clients to complete the forms online and thus for clinics to comply with regulations ensuring a safe environment.  AND it saves on paper!

Self-Screening for Practitioners

Practitioners are required to screen themselves daily in the same way as clients. My Client Schedule provides for a customized form for practitioners that pops up when each practitioner logs on if they have not already completed the form that day.

If the practitioner chooses to skip completion of the form, a large red reminder will appear at the top of their screen until the form is completed.

The My Client Schedule implementation makes it easy for clinics to comply because it makes it easy for practitioners to complete their self-screening. Again, this saves on paper and the space and furniture to keep that paper.

Sanitation Checklists

Clinics are required to sanitize thoroughly between each client. My Client Schedule now provides the ability to create customized checklists for practitioners to complete and record these tasks. Different disciplines may require different sanitation techniques with different equipment. My Client Schedule accommodates all of these with its unique capability to provide a blend of customized questions and response methods.

The Sanitation Checklist can be accessed in multiple ways to accommodate the workflow of individual practitioners and clinics: from the Edit Appointment Screen or when creating the SOAP Note or Health History.

The Administrator and practitioners can view completed Sanitation Checklists in multiple ways as well.

Waiting Room Management

My Client Schedule is also adding a feature to enable clinics to advise clients via text message when to come into the clinic to minimize waiting room utilization.

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