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4 Proven Ways to Reduce Appointment No-Shows

4 Proven Ways to Reduce Appointment No-Shows

Have you given up on expecting all your clients to stick to their scheduled appointment times? Running an office or health care centre can be stressful enough, without having to chase down patients and customers. But don’t despair – when it comes to appointment no-shows, there is help. Online scheduling tools and other applications, as well as following a few simple tips can do wonders for minimizing no-shows.


Let’s look below at some of the best ways to ensure your clients always keep their appointments.


Never Overbook


No one likes to sit and twiddle their thumbs in a crowded waiting room while you rush to get to each patient or customer on time. It’s no surprise that an overbooked schedule will lead to much longer wait times, which eventually will cause people to be less likely to show up on time for scheduled appointments. One of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is to avoid overbooking and always leave a buffer between scheduled appointments.


Follow Up with No-Shows


Don’t just let a no-show go unaddressed. When someone doesn’t show up for an appointment, there could be a larger issue at play, so follow up with them. Perhaps they’re unwell and couldn’t make it or had a family emergency. Of course, since no-shows can still cost you time and money, you want to try and recoup some of that loss and retain that patient/customer.


Online Scheduling Tools


There are many wonderful online scheduling tools and CRM software out there that makes keeping track of customers and appointments incredibly easy. Many have a host of features, such as email and text reminders for patients/clients, payment processing solutions, secure data storage, web portals for easy booking and more. Scheduling regular reminders and follow-ups is a great way to eliminate no-shows.


Provide Clients Flexibility


Premium online scheduling tools like My Client Schedule consider the busy nature of clients lives today. Offering clients the ability to easily change their appointments online is a huge advantage in minimizing no-shows.


Let us help you cut appointment no-shows!


Want to reduce appointment no-shows and improve your scheduling processes? At My Client Schedule, we have all the tools to help you tighten up on your scheduling. To learn more, call us today at 1-877-385-0928 or sign up for a free demo!

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