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Grow Your Client List With Appointment Scheduling Software For Salons

Grow Your Client List With Appointment Scheduling Software For Salons

Choosing the best appointment scheduling software for salons helps you grow your business. You may not feel like it’s the right time to make a change to how your run your salon, but it is a great time. You’re already making changes to meet government required pandemic rules. Why not add one that benefits your longer-term success? 

Improve profits and client satisfaction with My Client Schedule. It’s a digital solution that helps you deliver an exceptional salon experience. You can manage booking, calendars, administration, products, events and client information all from one place. Moving these responsibilities online allows you and your team to focus on growing your client list and doing what you love.

Ways the best appointment scheduling software for salons improves your business

My Client Schedule not only benefits you and your team, but also helps create a meaningful client experience at multiple touchpoints.

  1. Reduce lost income caused by missed appointments: Things pop up, and people forget or miss appointments. It’s frustrating to lose a spot when someone else could have filled it. My Client Schedule helps reduce missed appointments. You can automatically email or text reminders to your clients leading up to hours before the appointment. It’s harder for someone to forget a notification that comes in on the same day! 

  2. Save time with our online booking feature: Clients can easily book, cancel and change their salon appointments online in a few minutes. It’s a simple timesaver that will make your lives easier. No more potential back and forth calls to set up or change appointments. Clients can check online to see when their regular stylist or colourist is available. Rescheduling an appointment is just as easy. 

  3. Spend less effort doing administration: Whether you’re a fan of data or it’s one of the last things you want to do, administration is key to keeping salons running smoothly. Manually keeping track of business and client details is time-consuming. Automating the process saves valuable time. Accounts receivable (AR) reports, payment details, product stock and client preferences are just some of the items you can track. Anyone on your team that handles the administration will thank you for this change!

  4. Knock client relationship management out of the park: The little things mean a lot to clients. A quick reminder here and there or remembering a birthday can go a long way. You may already be doing it manually, but imagine how much easier it is when it’s automated. You can keep detailed notes of your discussions with clients, their product preferences and any other facts that will help you better serve them. You can also send a birthday message and remind them when a service is due.

  5. Manage all of your services in one spot: Now more than ever, having multiple income sources for your salon is essential. It’s especially true when you’re unable to have in-person appointments. My Client Schedule manages it all. Track your product stock, costs and sales. If you host events, schedule your classes or workshops and keep track of attendees and advanced payments. 

Explore more ways the best appointment scheduling software for salons can help you. Contact them today.

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