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How Massage Scheduling Software Can Improve Your Business

How Massage Scheduling Software Can Improve Your Business

With a larger focus on personal health and wellbeing, more and more people are seeking out massage therapists to help with such things as muscle pain, anxiety, whole-body wellness, certain vascular problems, and more. As the demand for massage services increase, many massage centres find it difficult to keep up with the growing business. Lack of proper management processes can quickly turn customers away and hinder your business. With the help of appointment scheduling software for massage therapists from My Client Schedule, you can focus on running your business while saving time on administrative duties and tasks.

Improve Your Business with Massage Therapist Scheduling Software

Easy Setup

While some technology can be intimidating, My Client Schedule is not. With the help of our first-time quick configuration wizard, you and your calendar will be set and ready to go in no time. The software is easy to use and can be accessed from your phone. Our scheduling platform can be arranged for what is best for you. It even allows for customizable intake forms.

Custom Calendar

My Client Schedule’s appointment scheduling software for massage therapists includes a customizable calendar that can be colour coded to organize different employees and calendars.. Scheduling availability, hours, and holidays is a simple and instant process that can be seen by everyone. Another benefit is that your calendar can be accessed by both you and clients from any location as long as there’s wireless capability. 

Manage Your Clientele Anywhere

No business wants to make their customers wait any longer than they should – especially these days where the competition is higher than ever. By using appointment scheduling software for massage therapists, you can access and manage your business anytime no matter where you are. You will always have access to your appointments via your phone, and when you choose My Client Schedule, health histories can be competed from anywhere at anytime.

Furthermore, you can give instant receipts and get peace of mind knowing that no customer will be left behind or accidentally forgotten.

Secure & Safe

Cybersecurity and the protection of personal information have never been more important than it is today. At My Client Schedule, ensuring that all data and services are encrypted and protected in our appointment scheduling software for massage therapists is something that is paramount to us. We utilize different sites and databases for every account and we are proud to be PHIPA, HIPAA, and PIPEDA compliant.

Customer Feedback & Brand Reputation

With Google and other search engines, finding both businesses and client reviews and testimonials has never been easier? In the event your business has bad reviews, many clients may simply skip over it and move onto a competitor. With appointment scheduling software, you can instantly communicate with clients and get their feedback directly. This allows you to make improvements and ensure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to improve your business (and reputation), customer satisfaction, and potentially get more clients thanks to the positive feedback your business will be receiving.

With appointment scheduling software, you’ll be able to build trust by improving communication while also making the scheduling process more efficient, which will improve the quality of your customer service!

Client Reminders & Messages

With My Client Scheduling, you can easily send clients notifications about their future appointments and avoid missed appointments. You can even streamline your processes by sending out voice messages and SMS texts to clients’ cell phones. Not only does this add to your productivity it also will improve your customer retention. You will also see a significant drop in costly appointment no-shows.

Get the Reporting You Need

With My Client Schedule, you and your team can access all the most current inventory updates, accounts receivable and sales reports that are broken down for any period you require – every two days, weekly, monthly, or annually. Such things as customer receipts, client balances, and even their birthdays are easily retrieved for keeping up with what you need when you need it.

Personalized Marketing

Being able to send custom and personalized offers to customers is achievable with the right scheduling software. Since all your data, including client information, is virtually stored, finding and categorizing the info you need is easy. Not only can this simplify your business, but it will also allow you and your team the opportunity to offer clients special deals and loyalty offers that are tailored to them.

Tech Support

If you ever have a question about our scheduling software, our My Client Schedule team is always here to answer your questions and anything else you may need. Whether you reach out to us via the phone, email, or even live chat, a staff member can assist. You will also have access to our FAQ document that provides troubleshooting help and guidance to allow you to fully harness your software and its features.

My Client Schedule

Our affordable appointment scheduling software for massage therapists will save your business both time and energy and make it easier for your clients to book and communicate with you and your staff.

You can start your FREE 30-day trial of My Client Schedule today. To learn more about our online scheduling software and the various packages and pricing bundles you can enjoy, please contact our team now!

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