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How to Increase & Streamline Your Chiropractic Business

How to Increase & Streamline Your Chiropractic Business

We know that being a business owner and running a business can be extremely challenging. From in-house challenges to competitors, getting ahead and creating a sustainable business is essential. Having the knowledge along with the right tools like the best appointment scheduling software at your disposal can make a big difference in the success of your chiropractic business.

So, to help, our team at My Client Schedule has prepared a guide to how you can make your business grow by using the right strategy, platforms, and products.

Eight Tips for Growing Your Chiropractic Business

  • Discounts & Promotions

While customer loyalty programs and first-time promotions can be great incentives, offering discounts and periodic deals can help bring clients through the door. In the event you have a day that is consistently slow, why not create a special for that day? Offering an extended session, or a two-for-one deal can quickly turn those slow times into booked timeslots.

When you have the right scheduling software, you can easily reach out to existing clients  to let them know about special deals and promotions that you will be running.

  • Get the Best Appointment Booking Software You Can

 Just as social media and email marketing have largely replaced phone call and flyer advertising, your appointment scheduling needs to stay up with the times. By choosing an appointment booking software like My Client Schedule, you can improve and streamline your booking process, gain access to comprehensive reports, eliminate booking issues, and much more.

When you are able to streamline and efficiently improve your booking process you will not only be able to maximize and generate business, but also improve customer retention thanks to easier communication and the convenience of clients being able to book, cancel, or change appointments on-the-go via mobile bookings.

  • Email Marketing Works

Sending our email reminders and other important communication to clients is one great benefit you can get when you properly utilize your appointment scheduling software. But you can go one step further and also send out birthday emails and other more personalized emails to clients.

  • Spread the Word with Social Media

One great way to promote your chiropractic office is with the use of social media. Video content is a great way to show off your business to the world. Posting informative clips about your services and processes or sharing testimonials from satisfied clients can help strengthen your brand and generate leads. Sharing quick posts about chiropractic tips and FAQs can also help establish your office as a go-to for info and updates.

Also, being able to interact directly with potential customers is another big benefit that social media can bring. Answering simple questions and concerns will further strengthen your reputation and can help bring in more business.

  • Give Back to Loyal Customers

Being able to reward long-time and loyal customers with gifts and other promotions is a great way to retain them. With referral programs, you not only reward longstanding clients but gain new ones in the process.

Even for new clients, being able to give, “first-time” discounts and deals can help generate new business.

  • Online Presence & Marketing

 Your chiropractic office needs to be visible and easily found online in order to gain new clients and answer any questions they may have. Be sure that you have the proper Google My Business profile – this is critical for not only appearing in local searches but also provides all the important contact info they may need like website, phone number, address, etc. Be sure once you have a GMB profile that you optimize your website content and social media posts with industry keywords and GEO locations (i.e. – Chiropractors in Toronto, etc.) to help your search rankings.

Pro Tip: Since more and more people are using their smartphones to search for businesses and online services, it is vital that your website works on both desktop and mobile devices. You must have a website that is functional and loads quickly for someone who is on a mobile device. Sites that do not work or load well on mobile devices will be penalized by Google and other search engines.

  • Reduce No-Show Appointments

Nothing is worse for a chiropractor than having a client not show up for an appointment. No-shows not only waste time, but they also cause your business to lose money and give up a time slot that another person could have filled. Employing a penalty system of having clients pay for a no-show or having a system where after the first no-show they are billed can help greatly reduce their occurrences.

When you have the best appointment scheduling software for your needs, you can easily send automated email and text message reminders for upcoming appointments.

  •  Reach Out Locally

Teaming up with other local businesses and organizations can be a simple, yet highly-effective way of creating new business and forging new relationships. See if you can set up shop at a local business and provide in-house sessions to their staff. Maybe there are local sports teams and fitness clubs that could benefit from chiropractic services? Be sure to explore these opportunities.

Get A FREE Demo of The Best Appoint Scheduling Software Today

My Client Schedule is a leading online scheduling software solution that can save your business time, increase efficiency, and streamline your services. With our software, you can access your business’ information from anywhere, enjoy simplified transaction methods, and most importantly, improve the efficiency of your bookings and office. Our monthly plans and packages ensure that there is a solution for your business.

To learn more about our multiple appointment scheduling software packages, features, and to enjoy your free demo of our software today, please contact our team for further information.

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