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Seven Big Reasons Your Salon Should Adopt Appointment Scheduling Software

Seven Big Reasons Your Salon Should Adopt Appointment Scheduling Software

If you run a salon or spa, you’re doing it for the joy of helping to beautify people – right?  You’d rather be spending your time working with clients, not worrying about scheduling appointments.  This office work used to be something a salon-owner couldn’t avoid and would spend a lot of time on, but times have changed.  The best salon appointment scheduling software suites can now take the burden away from you!  The right software package can vastly reduce the time you spend on administration, freeing up your time to focus on your customers.

Plus, your customers benefit as well!  The best scheduling software packages go beyond simple scheduling options, making the experience better for your clients.  You could easily see increased revenues, happier customers, and a growing salon operation.

How The Best Salon Appointment Scheduling Software Can Improve Your Business

1. Quick and easy scheduling for everyone involved

Of course, scheduling software needs to be able to schedule appointments – and make it much easier for you and your clients!  A simple interface allows customers to see your calendar for the week or month ahead, allowing them to pick and choose the appointment times that best suit them.  There don’t have to be any phone calls, or any back-and-forth while they suggest times and you check your calendar.  

The software puts it all right in front of them, in an easy-to-use package that can be accessed from any Internet browser.  If you have multiple stylists or other workers that people might want to book directly, that’s also an option.  Color-coding can be used to present many different options for booking!

This benefits you, as well.  You’ll see new appointments at a glance, as well as being able to get a quick overview of your own schedule.  Need a little break?  Just mark some slots as occupied and take the time you need.  It’s never been so easy to manage your schedule while also simplifying the appointment process for clients.

2. Integrated messaging and notifications keep you in contact

Do you wish there were an easy way to notify clients of an upcoming appointment or remind them that they’re overdue for a new treatment?  Scheduling software makes that easy!  You can create custom reminder messages which are then automatically sent out at appropriate times, whatever you choose.

You and your customers won’t have to worry about missed appointments, because the reminders will ensure the appointments happen.  It’s also a great way to encourage your clients to keep you in mind, by dropping notes every now and then to suggest new treatments.

3. Simplified online payments

You undoubtedly enjoy being paid for your work – but perhaps not the actual process of requesting and receiving payments.  The best salon appointment scheduling software packages simplify this as well!  They can accept payments directly online via many different electronic sources, tied to whichever payment processors you use, such as Stripe or PayPal. 

Online systems can radically transform how you handle payments.  You’ll see your money faster, and with more options for payment, it’ll be easier for your customers to pay their bills. 

4. Excellent tracking and reporting options

What you can do with scheduling software is only part of the story – there’s also the matter of all the data it can gather.  Data is the lifeblood of any modern business, and you’ll benefit from being able to collect a wide variety of customer information, payment info, sales figures, and much more.

These can be collated and reported in easy-to-read forms, allowing you to get a quick at-a-glance look at your overall business situation.  Is work up or down?  Are you selling more high-cost treatments or lower-cost?  These can be difficult to keep track of if you’re trying to keep it all in your head.  The reporting functions in a great scheduling software package mean you don’t have to.  You can call up the numbers you need whenever you want, tracking the ups and downs of your business growth and spotting new opportunities to improve.

5. Improved customer outreach

Beyond budgeting and business analysis, you’ll also gather plenty of intelligence on your own customers as well.  You’ll quickly build a robust electronic database of customers, leads, and their contact data.  By being able to tie individual customers directly to their treatments and other purchases over time, you can also gather deep insights into their buying habits.

This gives you many new opportunities for outreach!  You can send specialized offers to your best customers, based on their preferences, or shoot off a coupon to someone who hasn’t been in your salon for a while.  Understanding your customers and their needs is vital if you want to hold onto their business, and the best salon appointment scheduling software makes this easy to accomplish.

In the long term, you can use these techniques to grow your overall customer base, while making for happier customers all the while.

6. Give yourself a modernized appearance

Today, many people – particularly younger generations – judge a business on their online presence in the same way they’d judge you on the appearance of your salon.  Having a sleek and modern online system tells people that you’re investing in your business, and you’re making a real effort to improve your service offerings.  Customers notice these things!  They’ll see you making progress and know that you’re serious about your business.

After all, if there’s one thing a salon-owner knows, it’s that appearances matter.  The right online software suite presents your best possible face to the online world.

7. Improve your online reviews and public perception

Finally, let’s think about how all these improvements pay off in the long run.  When you’re making your customers happier, with more services and more convenient ways to interact with you, that’s going to increase their satisfaction.  They will be much more likely to talk you up on social media and give you good online reviews through outlets like Yelp or Google.

Maintaining a positive online perception is vital for being noticed in a crowded field!  For example, if someone asks their cellphone to direct them to a nearby salon, their phone is running a Google search on the topic.  The first salon that comes up is usually the one with the best reviews and online reputation.  Having satisfied clients talking you up online can lead directly to new customers walking in your door!

For the Best Salon Appointment Scheduling Software, Turn to My Client Schedule

My Client Schedule was designed to meet all the needs of working salons and other appointment-based businesses.  We’ve spent years building and tweaking our software offerings to include everything you need while making sure the entire package is easy enough for anyone to use.  You’ll streamline your business, impress your clients, improve your reviews, and see plenty of new traffic coming to your doorstep.

Getting started with My Client Schedule is easy.  Just click here to schedule a free demonstration, and get your first taste of our software.

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