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Why Your Clinic Needs Online Scheduling Software to Keep Up

Why Your Clinic Needs Online Scheduling Software to Keep Up

Is your medical practice or clinic still forcing patients to call in to make appointments? If so, you could be driving them towards other practitioners without even realizing it! Patients are increasingly coming to expect the ability to schedule appointments for themselves, directly via your website.


Online scheduling software makes this simple, for you and for them. One inexpensive software upgrade to your website really can make a big difference!


How Online Scheduling Software Can Boost Your Revenue


  •  Attract younger patients


Simply put, anyone under the age of 35 is going to expect online scheduling options. To them, that sort of self-serve option isn’t even negotiable. Millennials, in particular, are fairly notorious for hating to pick up the phone. If your system forces them to make a phone call to schedule an appointment, they are very likely to just go elsewhere.


  •  Help prevent missed appointments


A good scheduling software package doesn’t only create appointments – it also has automation features to help make sure those appointments are kept! It can automatically email patients to remind them when they have an appointment, which will minimize the number of no-shows.


  •  Reduce burdens on your staff


Constantly having to take calls for appointments, and appointment re-scheduling can add a big burden on your staff – staff who may already have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Adding an online software scheduler means they’ll have to deal with fewer tedious phone calls and be able to spend more time helping you work with patients in-person.

That’s going to directly translate to improved customer service and happier patients!


  •  Easily create classes and seminars


Are you interested in educating the public about your field of practice? Or perhaps looking to schedule group sessions, such as for physical therapy? Good online scheduling software makes this easy to set up! You can change how many people the calendar will accept for a single date/time, up to however many people you’d like to have at the group meeting.


This is a great way to add value for your patients, or even help increase your visibility in the community!


MyClientSchedule Is the Simple and Affordable Online Scheduling Software


We know you may not have a lot of money in the budget for software upgrades – that’s why we’ve made MyClientSchedule a full-featured package while keeping the price affordable for practices of any size! Try out your free trial today!

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