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10 Tips to Help Grow Your Massage Therapy Business

10 Tips to Help Grow Your Massage Therapy Business

When it comes to massage therapy, there can be a lot of competition out there, which is why it’s so important to ensure you’re taking the right steps to solidify your long-term success. Running a business isn’t easy, no matter what the size, but being armed with the right tools will make it a little less stressful each day.


At My Client Schedule, our job is to help you get a handle on your clients and ensure all of their needs are covered. Below, we’ve collected some of the valuable insights we’ve gained over the years to help you grow your massage therapy business, so take a closer look!


  1. Take Advantage of Email Marketing


One great tool to utilize is email marketing, which can be used in tandem with your appointment scheduling software to send out reminders of coming appointments or update patients about new policies. Personalized emails, like messages on their birthdays, are also a great way to demonstrate to your clients that you care about them.


  1. Share Your Talents on Social Media


Social media channels are great tools for a growing massage therapy business. You can post videos of customer testimonials and demonstrate treatment processes, so your audience knows what to expect when they walk through the doors. You can even post before-and-after photos of your clients to illustrate how well a treatment improved their range of motion.


Another benefit to social media platforms is they give you a chance to interact directly with customers and potential clients, answering questions and solving any issues they have.


  1. Invest in Appointment Scheduling Software


Are you doing your appointment scheduling the old-fashioned way, using a ledger and pen or pencil to write in client names and appointment information? If so, stop! There’s a much easier way to handle all your appointments. By investing in appointment scheduling software for massage therapists, you’ll be able to automate these processes and provide the highest level of customer service possible.


  1. Improve the Booking Process


Again, this is where appointment scheduling software can really come in handy. Streamlining the booking process will help you generate and retain more customers. Nowadays, not everyone wants to have to call to schedule an appointment, so having a range of booking options is essential. Make it easy for your clients to look at hours and choose the best time that works for them by offering online booking. Most scheduling software also offer ways to cancel or reschedule appointments from mobile devices.

  1. Offer Rewards & Loyalty Programs


Do you have a steady number of clients you’ve been working with for years? If so, why not give them some incentives to keep coming back? Offering rewards to long-time clients and discounts to first-time customers can be a great way to retain current clients and generate new business. One easy thing to do is to implement a referral program, where current clients benefit from referring new customers to you.


  1. Optimize Your Visibility Online


Even if you’re not an online marketing whiz, there are some simple things your massage therapy business can do to make sure your website is popping up in all the right places, like Google, Bing, etc. Optimizing your online content, such as social media posts and static website text, for industry keywords is essential to make it rise higher in search rankings.


Additionally, it’s important that your website functions well with both mobile devices and traditional desktop computers. You can also optimize your web design to ensure it’s as fast as possible when customers are browsing. Google and other search engines incorporate device speed into their search algorithms, so the faster your site, the higher the rankings.


  1. Boost Profits by Minimizing No-Shows


Having a client book a time and not show up can certainly put a dent in your bottom line, especially if such things become a habit. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce such incidents. One of the easiest is to implement a “no-call, no-show” policy where clients who don’t show up for appointments are penalized and either must pay for some or all the appointment they’ve missed.


Another easy way to minimize no-shows is by sending out automated messages and reminders, via email or text. Again, the right appointment scheduling software will make things much easier.


  1. Build Your Online Reputation


Even if you have a great marketing plan and post regularly on social media, there may still be more you can do to boost your business’ reputation among audience members and potential clients. Interacting with your followers online is key to ensuring a company’s long-term success in this day and age.


Don’t be afraid to comment on your social media pages and reach out to followers directly when possible, either to solve pain points or generate a conversation. This type of interaction helps build trust and solidifies your reputation online as a business that truly cares about what their customers think. You might even find yourself with new opportunities by doing so, like partnerships with other influencers in the massage therapy industry that can help generate more interest in your business.


  1. Offer Regular Discounts


In addition to providing incentives to first-time customers or current clients, offering regular discounts to everyone can also be a great way to drum up business. For example, if you’re always slow on a weekday, why not offer a two-for-one discount or some other incentive to bring people through the doors. Such things can quickly catch on and before you know it, you’ll be booked all week long.


  1. Organize Group Massage Events


One other way to generate a buzz around your company is to get out into the world and show people what they’re missing. Organizing group massage events at locales in the neighbourhood can be both fun and rewarding. For example, you could contact a local business and ask them in they’re interested in offering in-house massages to their staff throughout the day. This could help you build some invaluable relationships with businesses in the community.


Let us help you keep track of clients and minimize no-shows!


Want to make certain your scheduling process is streamlined? My Client Schedule can help you reduce no shows, track new clients, monitor appointment scheduling online, and more. Implementing the right appointment scheduling software can also help you reduce your overhead, especially if you has been using more outdated processes.


Online scheduling software eliminates the need for wasting time tracking down no-show clients over the phone and having a dedicated receptionist, therefore saving you a bundle. The software available from My Client Schedule is perfect for businesses of any size and can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.


Want to learn more? Why not have one of our dedicated sales representatives break down all the ins and outs for you. Schedule a FREE DEMO today by contacting us online or calling 1-877-385-0928.

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