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Announcing COVID-19 Integrated Screening – Learn More

April 2021

Patient no-shows often cause clinics and medical practices to lose tons of money, and time. While the international average rate of no-shows is 23%, every clinic may have its own range, depending on the location and type of services offered. Missed appointments may happen due to a number of reasons, including family obligations, work emergencies, conflicting appointments, transportation issues, or simply because the client forgot....

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In client-facing services, such as spas, salons, clinics, or medical offices, a successful customer experience strategy is at the core of your business operations. Consistently high levels of customer satisfaction will serve to bring you repeat visits and referral business. By building customer loyalty and reducing your new client acquisition costs, you can drive up overall profitability. Investing in a cost-efficient, client appointment scheduling software,...

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Using clinic appointment booking software can transform your medical practice in no time. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the medical landscape. Reports have shown that some medical clinics lost patients due to the pandemic as people stay away, even if they are unwell, while others are overworked.  A CBC report from June 8, 2020, showed that 47% of Canadians used virtual care during...

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